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Artist Name: Isleskyy

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I do music because it helps me to vent my emotions, it helps me to fight depression, when I open fl studio or pick up a guitar, time flies by unnoticed, I am completely immersed in the process. It's dark music that tries to find light. I hope that my music will help people in difficult moments in life, when depression takes over, their hands give up. The kind of depression that makes you want to kill yourself. I know about it. I struggle with it every day. Every day I feel like a rope is squeezing my neck. Never be afraid to tell someone about your problems and feelings. It's still hard for me to tell someone that I feel bad. I am used to helping and supporting others, forgetting about myself. But I found my own way – music.

Tell us who you are:

Who am I? I'm a simple 26 years old guy from Russia, Moscow who rides a skateboard, teaches other people to skate.

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Song Title: Groundhog day

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