Interview: PRAXiS

by | Feb 28, 2021 | Featured, New Artist Interviews, New Artist Profiles

Artist Name: PRAXiS
Latest Release: DANCE

“Our duo, PRAXiS is super cute, I'm currently sitting on his bed while he spins records and I work on promo stuff for our music. I think that really tells you a lot about us as artists. He is a Brooklyn based guitarist, drummer, DJ and producer who goes by the name Everynite. He loves anime, communism and seafood. I am from Manhattan and I am a singer-songwriter, poet and guitarist. I love my guinea pigs, radical feminism and a good bowl of ramen.”

The track?
DANCE is inspired by my childhood. Growing up my parents often fought in the house loudly and so I would listen to music in my headphones to drown it out. One song in particular was very soothing for me during that time — it's called “Sabali” by Amadou and Miriam and it's the song that we sampled for DANCE. The song Sabali is all about having patience and about finding the good in what life has to offer. Flash forward to quarantine, I am still playing this song frequently as we wait for covid to pass while trying to make the best out of these dark days. I played this song for Everynite and he knew we had to make it into a track, so that's what he did

Dream collaboration?
The one guy from Daft Punk who did not explode, and Laura Les

Where is home and what is the scene like?
Everynite is from Brooklyn, he's very influenced by the local house scene and will be found at Bossa Nova Civic Club post-quarantine. I moved to Manhattan during quarantine, but have been cranking out songs in my bedroom for a really long time. The long days of quarantine have been a valuable tool in my creative process with hours of isolation helping me to find my true sound.

How has living life influenced your music?
In love, communist, make music 4 the ppl.

Favorite movie?
Everynite identifies with Kaneda from the movie Akira because Kaneda is also just chillin with the boys thru the apocalypse.

Let’s plug that PRAXiS music!

Find on social:
sam sabali's IG: @blu_af
sam sabali's TikTok: @sadgurlslotmachine
Everynite IG: @syd_delicious


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