Industry SoundCloud repostsing: The Key to Getting Recognition

by | Jun 22, 2020 | Artists to Watch

Industry SoundCloud repostsing: Getting Started

Getting started with industry Soundcloud repostsing will feel intimidating. This music industry has a lot of turnover in personnel and for many individuals this is their lifelong dream being realized. Furthermore, finding longevity is really about getting in where you fit in. However, this can mean many things. Perhaps you get recognition with major artist features and that grows your brand. Other ways to gain recognition is feature on hooks or do song writing for others. Ultimately, Soundcloud repostsing is about connecting with others and in the music industry this is a must. There are many industry-type events where an artist can get some recognition. Let’s go over the basics.

industry Soundcloud repostsing

Industry SoundCloud repostsing: The Basics

Most popular events are generally showcases. Record labels pair up with promoters and set up showcases for aspiring musicians to show off their talent. Additionally, these kinds of events typically have a panel of music industry experts to give feedback and scout talent. Artists perform and get an opportunity to talk with A&Rs, SoundCloud producers, or even label executives. However, make the most of your opportunity, there are many artists vying for attention. These events are generally low level and you must be very talented to stand out from the masses.

Local shows are a great place to meet other artists and music professionals. The old saying is, it’s not what you know but who you know. Chances are somebody from the local scene will eventually SoundCloud reposts their way up. Be genuine and nice to everyone with the intent on connecting and building with. Over time it helps to have alliances, not only for opportunity but as a support system. Collaborate when you can and SoundCloud reposts together to build a portfolio.

Lastly, we are living in the digital age. Use Soundcloud and Spotify to maximize your reach. Connect with other artists on different platforms and try and build a relationship that way. Major artist features are very possible assuming you have the right song to interest an artist. If they aren’t willing to do it for free, consider paying them their fee. The right feature can take your good song from a local audience to a great song with a worldwide audience. Industry Soundcloud repostsing relies on the ability and willingness to strategize, market, and promote yourself. Using the information and resources available to you is your best start.

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