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Recording Artist: ID MM


I am a German musician and my artist name is “ID MM”. I sell my electronic music at “AMAZON”, “iTunes” and other shops and streaming services. I started in 2012 to compose electronic music. Sometimes I take pictures and I create CD-MP3-Covers or other graphical works. I also published e-books and paper-books with the titles „Attack Of The Spider Woman“ and „Der Kampf Der Spinnenfrau“.

I am urgently searching lyrics-writers and singers for my instrumental electronic tracks! If You want to work with me then write to me and take a look at my Twitter-site: Maik Mueller (ID MM)- URL:

Do You need a Re-mixer for Your tracks (electronic, trance, cinematic) music for a more commercializing style of Your tracks? Or do You want a new track in electronic or cinematic style for Your Video-Clip Your film or other things? My artist name is “ID MM”. Look at my tracks at “AMAZON”, “iTunes”, “SPOTIFY” and many other music-sites or streams! I’d like to compose a track for You! Are You interested? Write to me at:

postal address:
Maik Mueller
Bruechau Nr. 42
39624 Kalbe (Milde)

Some Demo-Tracks… and others at “”:

I got my first exhibition of my paintings (graphic art – fine art) with the title “Progressive Pictures” in the city “Salzwedel” (Germany). On the picture you can also see the district administrator “Michael Ziche”, an important politician of the federal state “Sachsen-Anhalt” in Germany and my person (the artist “ID MM”)! Mr. “Michael Ziche” said some kind words at the opening of the exhibition.The “Altmarkkreis Salzwedel” (Administrator) is the organizer of this exhibition!

Sie sehen hier Fotos (Pressebericht) der ersten Ausstellung meiner Bilder (graphische Kunst – fine art) mit dem Titel „Progressive Pictures“ in der Stadt „Salzwedel“ (Deutschland)! Auf dem Bild sehen Sie auch den Landrat „Michael Ziche“, ein bedeutender Politiker des Bundeslandes „Sachsen-Anhalt“ in Deutschland und meine Person (Künstler „ID MM“)! Herr Michael Ziche sprach einige nette Worte zur Eröffnung der Ausstellung im Namen des „Altmarkkreises Salzwedel“ (Administrator), der der Ausrichter dieser Ausstellung ist!

I would like to get my pictures printed (physical) on exclusive, modern, or futuristic materials and shapes. Do You know services (factories) all over the planet, which could print such things (international sending, I live in Germany)?

Do You know galleries all over the planet to exhibit my physical works?

my postal-address:
Maik Mueller
Bruechau Nr. 42
39624 Kalbe (Milde)

Please give this data to other people to help me to solve these problems!

Read this to know how I create my art (in my mind)! – I am imagining fantastic, myths and futuristic stories and fairy tales and I create pictures or music tracks to several points of these stories and fairy tales for creating art…

Best Regards – Maik Mueller – „ID MM“ – – – ⛩️ – – ⚗ -“

Listen to ID MM on SoundCloud:

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