How To Be A Musician During The SoundCloud Revolution

by | Oct 16, 2020 | Artists to Watch

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we do everything from working and shopping to the way we play music. For musicians, it’s been especially challenging. Venues closed their doors and large gatherings are dangerous — and in some cases, even outlawed. This doesn’t mean you have to stop playing or putting your music out there, though. What do you need to do to be a musician during a global pandemic?
Engage With Your Fans
We have to stay 6 feet apart to prevent the spread of the virus, but that doesn’t mean we have to be alone. The internet allows us to connect with friends and fans from around the world without ever leaving our homes. Take this time to build your Soundcloud and Spotify presence and, most importantly, engage with your fans. Let them know you’re still out there, making music and looking for ways to connect with them.
Schedule Virtual Concerts
You can still build your fanbase even if you’re stuck at home. Virtual concerts are becoming a popular alternative to in-person events. Depending on the size of your audience, you can host free online events or even paid ones to bring in extra income during the pandemic. All you need is your recording equipment, a camera and a solid internet connection. 
Plan Road Trips Carefully
Road trips and concerts are still an option, but you need to approach your planning stages more carefully than ever. Planning a tour doesn’t look like it did just a year ago. You need to do a lot of legwork before you leave to ensure venues are open and food and lodging are available. 
You’ll also need to know if you’ll even be allowed to travel. In some areas, you may have to quarantine for two weeks before you can be around other people, which puts a damper on your plans. 
Opt for Outdoor Venues
Indoor spaces are a no-go, especially for crowds and concerts. If road-tripping is on your agenda for 2020, opt for outdoor venues instead where you can stay a safe distance from the crowd. Your audience can socially distance themselves while still enjoying your music. Make sure you set up your equipment to project your music as far as possible to ensure everyone can hear, no matter how socially distant they are. 
Remember Your Masks
Face masks and social distancing are our two most important tools for preventing the spread of the coronavirus. Remember to put on your masks, and wear them whenever you’re dealing with people. You can even wear them on stage if you feel so inclined. Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande proved at the 2020 Video Music Awards that you can still put on a hell of a show while wearing a mask. 
Be Careful and Rock On!
We need music that speaks to us now more than ever. Whether you’re planning a small socially distanced tour or focusing on virtual concerts, be careful out there. We haven’t weathered this storm just yet, and until we do, the music industry will have to adapt to keep both artists and audiences safe. 


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