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Heistheartist has reached number one on iTunes South African Christian/All Genre Charts with his song “Boom” and number one on the iTunes South African Jazz Chart with his song “Sometimes/I Want You Around. All the way in Europe, his songs “The Snake Charmer” and “Virgin” placed number eight and nine on the UK Electronic and Dance Charts.

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Heistheartist is an American Christian singer-songwriter from Central Islip, NY. Formerly a secular neo-soul singer signed to "Bentley Records" under his biological name "LeeMann Bassey," Heistheartist discovered that his true calling was with the Lord after hearing an inspiring sermon by TD Jakes online one day. That day he was inspired to teach the world about the Lord like TD Jakes did with his Sermon, but through music.

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Instagram – https://www.Instagram.com/SignedLoveTheArtist
Twitter – https://www.Twitter.com/HeFreedMySoul
Facebook – https://www.Facebook.com/SignedLoveTheArtist

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Song Title: I Want You Around

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Contact Artist: leemannbassey@aol.com

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