Artist Name: HBE AKIRA

Artist Bio

Me as in Artist I bring a different vibe to the table I make songs that’s catchy and feelable like you can feel what I’m going through In all of my songs u can hear me cry in some on these song if I’m being honest and i what my audience to feel how I feel and guide them through what there feeling

Tell us who you are:

Hey my name is HBE AKIRA I think people will listen to this because I give off a playboi carti rage energy in this song and it’s a very good song to get hyped too.

Discover this artist:

My instagram is @hbeakirav2 this is my backup since my main page was hacked

Song Title: Hop Inna Coupe

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Contact Artist: dante_constanza@icloud.com

Source: https://supremepr.us/


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