Gain Momentum by Timing Your SoundCloud Releases Effectively

by | Sep 14, 2020 | Artists to Watch

In this article we will illustrate how to keep your fan growth going release after release. First, let’s look at an example of a typical Supreme{PR} release lifecycle.

1.) You produce a track, upload it to SoundCloud.
2.) Your existing fanbase flocks to the release.
3.) You kick off a Supreme{PR} 10 Million repost campaign.
4.) Your repost campaign builds momentum, your additional SoundCloud efforts may result in a handful of blog features attracting additional traffic to the release.
5.) At the end of the first week you send out a second wave of reposts to 10 Million followers in a playlist with a few other songs attached to draw more interest.

With every influencer promotion, SoundCloud plays spike, which together with a Supreme{PR} SoundCloud Streams campaign, brings in serious traffic from listeners.
By the end of the second week, your track experiences its viral peak, racking up tens of thousands of streams.

As your campaign hype starts to reach the end of its hype cycle around the end of the 3rd week, plays will inevitably fall. A portion of the new listeners will be converted to followers, but they will want Soundcloud promotion real more right away. One month in, your track will have gone through it’s full life cycle, from introduction to growth, maturity and decline. It happens that quickly.


In business school they teach a model called the product life cycle. It is used to model a product’s trajectory when introduced to a market and applies to everything from technology to fashion products.

If the life cycle of a track is one month, you should be prepared to release your follow-up track two weeks after the previous release. This will allow your follow-up to peak right around the time the previous track is trending down in its run. If you continue this pattern of releasing and promoting one track every two weeks, you will stay in the minds of your fanbase and growing it consistently like a pro!


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