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FTK is an Afropop Duo consisting of twins Falobi Taiwo and Falobi Kehinde from Lagos, Nigeria. FTK rapidly grew in popularity with the release of their EP “Love Intoxicated”. Their interest in music began while attending Citizens Comprehensive College during their teens, they would sit down together and discover songs from Michael Jackson's and the now defunct group Psquare. The brothers joined Tenstrings Music Institute where they learnt the rudiments of music, music business and voice training which they used to finesse their unique sound.

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FOR PLAYLIST CONSIDERATION (previous Single release American Wonder 150k+ streams)

Bourdillon is the new single by Twins FTK

'"This song was inspired by a party we attended on Bourdillon Road, Lagos. We created a base with an Asian riff & introduced percussion which is an afro beat bounce with a hard kick to drive its flow. While recording the song, we started off singing the lead verses and chorus before infusing hard libs and a little harmonizing, Shattawire!"

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/officialftk/
Fanlink: https://indimore.fanlink.to/FTKBourdillon
Website: https://www.indimore.com/artist/ftk
Interview : https://www.indimore.com/afropop-duo-ftk-sign-with-indimore

Song Title: Bourdillon

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Contact Artist: adam@indimore.com

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