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With her warm and smoky voice, Lebanese soul singer Frida sings of female empowerment and love. Her stories wrapped in songs are about inner strength and a return to nature. Frida's music oscillates between oriental sensibility and cosmopolitan funkyness.
Frida’s voice has a way of soothing and enthusing the listener at the same time. Her musical journey seems to be a calling to the divinity that transcends all limitations; a sanctity that she sings of to inspire freedom, in and around her. In her songs lies the promise of our collective awakening.

Frida released her latest album "the freedom to be – لأني أحب" on December 3, 2021 and will tour in the Middle East and Europe in 2022.

Tell us who you are:

I am Frida, a late bloomer as a musician, yet a musician to the core.

Born in Beirut, Lebanon in a family that was joyously adoring music, my lullabies at an early age fused French songs that my mother loved, with the blues, funk, tarab and other world music that my father listened to on repeat. I was seven years old when my sister was born, and I put pen to paper and wrote her a song that said, "to welcome you, little angel, in this beautiful world like you".

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Frida's EPK (with bio, my journey, links and photos to download): https://frida.space/epk
Frida "in the media": https://frida.space/in-the-media

Song Title: Dawararan

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Contact Artist: kurt@putzirecords.com

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