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Artist Name: Forgiveme

Tell us something about you that fans should know:

I would describe my style as melodic rap. I deliver thoughtful, dark, and deep lyrics, that I record over my own beat production. The beats also go in the direction of deep and dark-sounding soundscapes, which match my vocals perfectly in my opinion. I was originally a beatmaker and engineer only, and have crafted myself into an artist by working on my songwriting for the last 3 years and have gotten to the point now where I want to start to release the songs and vibes I've created.

Where are you from and what’s the music scene like there?

Originally from NYC, now living in Orange County, NY. New York's downstate music scene is very vibrant, with lots of different genre artists all trying to make a name for themselves.

You can follow me and check out my stuff here:


Song Title: Follow Me

Let’s have a listen to the new Forgiveme track:

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