Featured Artist: JOMAR

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“Hello, I am a singer, songwriter, composer and producer who loves music and produce all the stuff by himself. My biggest dream is that people around the world listen to my music, and tells me what they think about my songs. I am singing since I was 11 years to date and that is my best motivation ever. I have a tenor voice range, who continues to improve in every step I go. One thing that makes me different than the others is how I use my music to inspire people because I write songs from experience, from real things, you know from the emotion inside, some songs are from celebrations others are from vulnerability, or loss and others are from experience to remind people that we are together on this. My style is unique, is raw strong but delicate, for example I use my voice sometimes as the main instrument to give the certain emotion I want to give in a song or even album.”

My biggest supporters a.k.a as my parents are one of my biggest inspirations ever, they are always with me in good and not so good times, but one thing that inspires me the most in all of my songs is nature, and my experiences that combined makes what I called my world made in music. Another inspiration are my bunch of thousand of favorite artists including the ones that I love the most Lorde, Björk, Fka Twigs, The Weeknd, Aurora, etc in the electronic and alternative music category. You know, music for me comes naturally and I am very grateful to have my biggest talent in myself called Singing! So in my discography which is little you will see a bunch of themes and genres that tell a story and creates a world, and for life I am thankful cuz life gives me the strength I need to become an artist.

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