Featured Artist: Jamie Ha$h

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Recording Artist:
Jamie Ha$h


“Who is Leggacy? Leggacy is Tyler Leggat, an artist that doesn’t meet the confines of any one genre. More than just a catchy play on words using his last name, his “legacy” as it were, he hopes, is to create musical content comprised of such originality that it can serve to live on beyond him, hence his aptly chosen stage name, LEGGACY.
Having performed live and recorded in studio over the last 18 years (since he was 10 years old), Leggacy is ever at work producing new material with lyrics drawn from his own life experiences and those close to him. Across the southeast, and further via social media, Leggacy has become known to many as an innovative artist unlike any other. Not just rap or hip hop, Leggacy’s writing and performance styles set him apart from other artists of many genres.
Jumping into the present, Leggacy is the artist who can make his music your new flavor of choice. Sampling what you hear (and see) gives you a taste of a package that offers far more than can be expressed herein.”


Listen to Jamie Ha$h:


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