Featured Artist: Dolla Bill

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Recording Artist:
Dolla Bill


“Dolla Bill is a music artist from Clayton, NC USA. He does original rock, singer/songwriter and hip hop music. Currently, he is releasing singles, building a catalog and rehearsing a live set that includes original and some cover material. His latest releases have been a series of live hip hop/rap videos "Busta U-Turn" and "Chill With This." He's actively promoting his music on radio and social media. Furthermore,, he's been promoting a series of music videos for TV and digital streaming. Dolla's music has been featured on radio, blogs, playlists and TV. His music is available worldwide. Dolla Bill tries to focus on quality, creativity and his music is real, straight up, smooth, energetic, composed and got some grit.

At the age of sixteen, Dolla started learning how to play guitar, writing lyrics and emulating the lyrical themes and vocal styles of bands and front men that were popular among his circle of friends. He tried out for a few bands as a vocalist but didn’t have the right type of voice for the kind of music he was trying to cover. However, he began to evolve as a composer with emphasis on lyric writing and song structure. This was the beginning of what became the journey or process of becoming a songwriter and finding his true voice.”

Notorious B.I.G/Fat Joe

Listen to Dolla Bill:


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