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At age 21, a few semesters after graduating, he couldn't take it anymore; He decides to drop out of school and go after his dreams but he had no idea how to do it. He withdrew from school and dedicated himself to working where he could; He was a carpenter, electrician, driver, etc. However, it is here in his work as an electrician where, due to things in life, his colleague of Dominican descent listens to him improvise and invites him to a recording studio for the first time in 2017. Since then, Falcon has dedicated himself to composing; to constantly record to improve your singing style; to develop their flow.

Composition opened many doors for him since then; they invited him to studio sessions to compose for other artists or collaborate with them throughout the entire process. In 2020 he decides to move to the city of Miami to study music production at the SAE institute where he is involved with a variety of artists, composers, producers and others. This was what prompted Falcon to start his artistic career as a soloist, releasing songs like Dura, Tu Manera and international collaborations that would later come together with artists from the Dominican Republic on songs like Prende To, Volmos de nuevo and Chukiteo.

He appeared wherever he could, taking advantage of every opportunity to exhibit his art and songs. This is how it reaches the ears of its current manager of Puerto Rican origin; Magnum Management with whom they undertake this new stage in Falcon's life alongside his manager and his record label Vision Sin Limites.

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Borys Edison Ayavaca Perez, better known as Falcon , in the artistic milieu is an American singer and songwriter of Ecuadorian descent; He was born on December 18, 1994 in the city of Queens, Ny.

Son of Ecuadorian immigrant parents who came to the United States with the illusion of providing a better future for their family. In 1996 his mother Eulalia Perez decided to return to Ecuador with her son Borys at the age of two to the city of Cuenca, Ecuador where he grew up with his older brothers William Ayavaca and Priscila Ayavaca in the Tarqui parish where his grandparents currently reside.

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Song Title: No Soy Official

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