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Artist Name: Emanuele Marrocco

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Emanuele Marrocco is an Italian musician and composer. He has been involved in a variety of projects including his latest work on the soundtrack of the movie "Quest for Steel".
Born in 1987, he began his traditional composition studies with maestro Giuseppe Mignemi. He studies composition at the "Ottorino Respighi" Conservatory.
He also obtained a master's degree in film music at the Academy of cinema in Rome.

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Italian composer Emanuele Marrocco, part of the cast for the the film 'Quest For Steel' by Australian director Simon Roptell , crafts a hauntingly beautiful theme that is ethereal, eloquent and atmospheric. With a spacious ambiance that is light and whimsical Emanuele weaves together warm distant strings with celestial vocals that are both thematic and mysterious. Within the deep reverb of the soundscape one can envision the journey of a lone female warrior in her heroic quest through the world of Bronze Age brutality and all the peaks and valleys that will ensue in 'Quest For Steel'.

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Song Title: Hall of Bronze

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