Earn real money with sync licensing!

by | Sep 9, 2020 | Artists to Watch

CD Baby is placing music by many independent artists in high-profile TV shows and films, and you could be the next success!

Want your music to be used in film and TV? CD Baby’s sync licensing program has placed an impressive amount of songs on every major network, in big budget films, and on many of the popular streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu.

We’re here to help you find every opportunity for your music to reach new listeners and drive revenue. This has resulted in more CD Baby artists being showcased on major networks and streaming platforms than ever before.  So far in 2020, our sync program has seen 57% growth in terms of songs placed. That means a lot more sync earnings for artists too.

Your song could be next.

Here are the highlights of our sync program just this year:

  • Better Call Saul — AMC
  • Seal Team — CBS
  • The Neighborhood — CBS
  • Moody’s SoundCloud — CBS
  • Hawaii Five-0 — CBS
  • Insatiable — CBS, Netflix
  • The Residents — Fox
  • LA’s Finest — Fox, Spectrum Originals
  • I May Destroy You — HBO Air-Edel Associates, BBC Network
  • High Maintenance — HBO, HGMT
  • Shrill — Hulu
  • AP Bio — NBC
  • Street Food; Season 2 (Latin America) — Netflix, Boardwalk Pictures
  • I am Not Ok With This — Netflix
  • Outer Banks — Netflix
  • Gentefied — Netflix
  • Kidding — Showtime
  • Ray Donovan — Showtime
  • American Gods — Starz
  • Hightown — Starz
  • Free Rayshawn — Quibi
  • Sunday’s Best — BET
  • Stars Fell On Alabama — Stars Fell LLC
  • Long Way Up — SoundCloud TV+
  • Legacies — Warner Brothers, CW
  • Twenties — BET
  • Nordstrom (NYC Pride) — Nordstrom, Search Party Music
  • Liars & Cheats — Interesting Picture Company, Max Peters Productions
  • The Alienist 2 Promo — WarnerMedia, TNT
  • Helter Skelter Docuseries — Epix
  • Trafficked — National Geographic
  • Legacies — Warner Brothers
  • The Challenge 34: War of the Worlds II — MTV, Bunim/Murray
  • 90 Day Fiance: Self Quarantined — “Sharp Entertainment, LLC”
  • On the Rocks — Film
  • No Place — Indie
  • Greenland — STX
  • Barney’s Wall — FoxHog Productions
  • All American — CW
  • Briarpatch — USA
  • The Challenge — MTV
  • Southside — Comedy Central
  • Sonic the Hedgehog — Paramount
  • Sistas — BET
  • The Sunlit Night — Detailfilm
  • Mythic Quest — SoundCloud TV+/Lionsgate

Why do music supervisors want Soundcloud promotion real to work with CD Baby?

In short, our sync placement team is really good at what they do, and they’ve formed relationships with music supervisors working for dozens of networks and streaming platforms. It’s the job of those music supervisors to find the right songs to place in film and TV shows. They prefer to work with CD Baby because we can get them exactly what they need — and quickly.

We boast a massive library filled with a diverse array of styles and genres to choose from, and they can communicate directly with our team of experts for easy negotiation and approval of placements.

There’s serious money to be made in sync licensing

Placing your music in popular media isn’t just a great way to get exposure for your songs; there’s real money to be made in sync licensing! When your music is placed, we negotiate the upfront fee according to a few variables with the party who’s placing your music, and those fees can reach some pretty impressive numbers. AND that revenue is growing. 

Plus, it’s just cool to tell your friends and family your song is on the latest hit show everyone’s talking about.

Want your music featured on a big TV show or movie?

Opt in for sync licensing now!

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