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Artist Name: DLK Largo

Artist Bio

As an Artist DLK Largo has faced many ridicule for his music but he still strides storngly. When making music he tries to uplift listeners. His main genres are Hyperpop. rage, rap/hip-hop. The young rapper aims to be succesful in music and will do anything to discover sucess. as off 2022 the young rapper would have been rapping for 2 years as he began on may 2020.

Tell us who you are:

DLK Largo is a artist from the Caribbean specifically the Cayman Islands. His Parents are both from Jamica while he was born in the Cayman Islands. DLK Largo is only 14 years old. When making music DLK Largo focuses on hyper up tempo music. He gets his inpiration for LIl Uzi vert and Playboi Carti and Ian dior. The reason why people would listen to DLK Largo is that his sound is very uplifting. The aim of his Music is to make people feel enlighten and uplift them. He choses crazy beats that people will surley enjoy. Unlike most rappers DLK Largo doesnt produce sad songs but more hyped and uplifing tracks made for partying, workout and motivation. He aslo uses his voice in many unique ways from chaning the pitch to using it as a additional instrument.

Discover this artist:

To find more about DLK Largo you could visit his website at http://dlklargo.cu.ma/sp/ or find him on social media under the username DLK Largo

Song Title: Shots

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Contact Artist: dlkmusic@angelic.com

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