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Artist Name: DJ Adham

Tell us something about you that fans should know:

My music makes you cry whilst you dance at the same time, you feel a realistic joy with the way I make you move. Whether It's a happy song or a sad song, you will dance either way. I bring honor to our generation of music, I show that Hip-Hop and Mahraganat are true art forms that are used for expressing ourselves. I've worked extremely hard to reach my level of skill and I'm not planning on slowing down. These two Genres will be the main two genres of the world soon.

Where are you from and what’s the music scene like there?

I come from British/Egyptian Background, I am based in Egypt where Hip-Hop and Mahraganat have taken over the Music scene not just in Egypt but also the rest of North Africa and the entire Middle East, everybody under the age of 30 is going crazy over Hip-Hop and Mahraganat, any concert with an artist from either of those genres gets full in less than a week. All artists from both genres are being attacked by older musicians due to the younger musicians taking over the industry and leaving no more room for the older artists causing the older artists to go down in sales and revenue whilst Hip-Hop and Mahraganat are earning more than any musician in the history of Egypt and all of North africa.

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Song Title: Wa2ef Lwa7dy

Let’s have a listen to the new DJ Adham track:

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