Devon – Featured Artist

by | Nov 27, 2020 | New Artist Interviews

Recording Artist: Devon

Genre: rap

“Hopefully I was good enough for you guys to stick around long enough to read this. lol

My name is Devon (23 Years old) I’m from Warren/Detroit Michigan. I’ve been making music for a little over a decade now and finally built up enough confidence in my music to submit pieces of my artwork to possible future partners. I can read and write sheet music, make beats and mix/master the majority of everything that I create. Music is a huge passion of mine so it never feels like work. I like to write and listen to allot of story telling music, but I can write an anthem piece as well. I try to be diverse as possible I even play piano. Most days I escape reality drowning myself in loud music. Hope to hear back soon ! if not it’s no hard feelings. Thank you for your time regardless and have a nice day !”

Listen to Devon:

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