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Artist Name: Deadface

Tell us something about you that fans should know:

what is art? What makes an artist artist? In my opinion, recognizing the sensitivity of others makes a person an artist. I always take the side of the losers, of the most fragile people, my thoughts often go towards them. This could make me an artist. In the end I do nothing but satisfy my need to express myself, and music is the way I love most to do it.

Where are you from and what’s the music scene like there?

I am Italian but I sing in English. In Italy the popular music scene is a bit empty, I find it trivial and not very passionate, Underground music instead works a lot, there are many artists who deserve much more attention.

You can follow me and check out my stuff here:

You can follow me on soundcloud by this link:
sc: https://soundcloud.com/deadface666

Song Title: Lost In A Dream

Let’s have a listen to the new Deadface track:

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