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As a artist I have done alot of work and study into the game for being only 29 years old. I started making music when I was 17 years old. I have opened up for alot of major artists in my time like Nappy Roots,Lil Will,Webbie and the lists goes on and on.My style of music is different from everybody else. Go and head and check out the music yall will love it…

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Aye this is your boy Cris Aka DaOnly_Cris23. I was born and raise in Fort Smith,Arkansas who trying to make a dream come true.If you like Rap music,Trap music or just any kind of Hip-Hop then you picked the right person to listen to.I make nothing but hits after hits.Check the new song out that coming from my upcoming album WickedMinds4(DeathB4DisHonor) Coming Out Dec.10th,2021

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Here the link to all my music that's on Apple Music/Itunes,Spotify,YouTube

Song Title: PoppinShit

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Contact Artist: Wisechris40@gmail.com

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