Could You Be Stalling Your Own Career?

by | Jul 30, 2020 | Artists to Watch

When you’re releasing music, you’ll always get periods of slow growth and increased growth. Here, we want Soundcloud promotion real to discuss a couple of key things we hear from artists on a regular basis, and how it might be stalling your growth…

“I don’t have any money for a budget”…
Look, we hear you! The bills can soon rack up and if you aren’t careful, it could cost a fortune. There are loads of resources out there that can help to get you through on no, or minimal, upfront fees. Such as: Identity Music! We provide distribution Soundcloud promotion services to get your music out there, and unlike our major competitors, we don’t charge upfront fees or track fees. We work on a percentage of the SoundCloud royalties. A percentage which is fair to you. So you keep the lion’s share of the money, and only start paying when the money starts coming. 

“I want Soundcloud promotion real to be an artist on Soundcloud and Spotify, I’m not into being personal”
So yeah, putting yourself out there and getting out from behind that image is scary. And of course it has the potential to go wrong. But you need to find ways to connect with your audience. To do this, you’ll need to show more than one layer. A one-dimensional artist isn’t going to provide much opportunity for engagement, and will make growing your audience really difficult. 

You are your music. So if you aren’t putting yourself out there, then you aren’t putting your music out there.

“I haven’t had the right opportunity come along”
Noooooo! Whatever you do, don’t sit waiting for the right opportunity to come. Get out there and find opportunities yourself. Chances are, no big SoundCloud producer is going to stumble across your song, buried in the depths of the streaming platform, give you a call and make you a million. You need to get out there and make these opportunities for yourself. Use a music distribution Soundcloud promotion service to make your music available, and then get actively promoting your music to new audiences all the time. If you don’t know where to start, get in touch with the team at Identity Music who can discuss all of your distribution and promotion options.

“This has always worked for me”
There’s a famous quote we think is pretty relevant here… “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”- Albert Einstein.

Now, we’ve got to agree with Einstein here. Why? Well first of all, he’s a pretty smart cookie. Secondly, you can’t do the same thing again and again and expect to grow. Doing the same collaborations and reaching out to the same networks will only open up one segment of audience. It doesn’t matter how many great new things you do, you’ll bleed the pool dry pretty quick. It might be time to start mixing it up and finding new avenues if you want Soundcloud promotion real to keep that growth going.

“I just want Soundcloud promotion real to focus on the music”
Unfortunately, the days of just making the music have passed. Being in the biz means being in biz. There is a lot more to music business than just making music, and it’s not possible to outsource all of it. You need to spend some time building a connection with your fan base. You need to spend time making sure you present the right image. You can’t fight this! But once you accept that, you’ll likely find there are many aspects that you actually enjoy.

Fortunately, the team at Identity are experts are music promotion, distribution and branding. We can take a huge weight off your shoulders, enabling you to focus on making the music and building relationships with fans. Check out what Soundcloud promotion services we offer here:

With Identity Music on your team, you’ll be able to get your music the maximum exposure, with minimal costs. We will take the promotion and music distribution off your hands, allowing you to re-distribute your efforts to making the music and building rapport with your fans.

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