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Artist Name: Cody Fay

Artist Bio

I began writing music at about 4 years old thinking that I wanted to a hip-hop artist in the future. At about 8, and particularly after hearing the group LANY, I transitioned to writing pop music, inspired by events that occurred throughout my life and the feelings that I was left with. Since then, I’ve found peace and joy in my music, hoping to make songs that will positivity affect my audience and listeners.

Tell us who you are:

Hello, my name is Cody Fay and I’m a 14 year old pop artist who writes with emotional and powerful lyrics. I’ve loved music and have written it my entire life, using it as both a therapy method and as a way to convey the roller coaster of life.

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Song Title: Long Drives (Coming Down)

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Contact Artist: cjfay871@gmail.com

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