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Recording Artist: Chris Samuels


Swedish-American newcomer indie artist Chris Samuels drops his debut single ‘Cigarette Burn’ and a B-side interlude ‘Separation Anxiety’ with AWAL.
Samuels premieres his first single, Cigarette Burn, a romantic, electric riff about a first love gone awry. Juxtaposed to this is Separation Anxiety, an edgy, techno interlude about nomophobia, a feeling of distress without your phone.

Samuels was brought up on an island in Stockholm’s archipelago where he was raised by his American mother and Swedish father. Growing up with one foot in Sweden and the other in the U.S., he soaks up inspiration from both cultures, shaping his own distinctive, soulful sound. Being a writer, producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist allows him to personalize his music in a world of off-the-shelf rhythms.

With guitar in hand, Samuels delivers soulful chords in Cigarette Burn; his intimate voice tinged with sad optimism. The track’s bridge is peppered with heady trumpets and luscious synth sounds, altogether bringing to life Samuels’ simplistic poetry. The song has swag, with a timeless, bluesy easiness. Lyrically, it describes the innocence of a first romance that sours over time, leaving a small yet significant wound, like a cigarette burn. But as the lyrics go, “it could’ve been worse”.”

Listen to Chris Samuels on SoundCloud:

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