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Recording Artist: CARBONE

“first , HELLO _ you GOOD ?? hope _ How are you ???

second _ BIG UPs !! by C NOTE PROMOTION you hav reposted my Tune, !! LARGE Up and THANK YOU VERY Much from France.

im DJ + Producer _ been a moment makin music _

Got a soundcloud : souncloud CARBONE + a Label ZTEREN RECORDINGS

i make DNB, BASSLINE*BASSHOUSE and HARDTECHNO, there are my 3 specialities

DETAILS following:




LABELS: ZTEREN RECS + Signed on Several Labels around the World



Carbone entered the world of electronic music in 1995, becoming interested in big beat / breakbeat artists such as
The Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy as well as through the developing house music and techno scene in France.
Originally from a piano (which he studied for ten years) and jazz background, Carbone further diversified his
musical interests by his love of sub’pop, metal, fusion and rock and roll. His musical orientation took
a definite turn during the period in which he listened to his Metalheadz’s first album. Jungle / drum and bass became his new musical passion.

Carbone began by ‘playing out’ in Charleville-Mézières, in the East on France before moving to Reims (the City of Champagne)
nd creating ‘The Adrenaline Crew’ a team of people who organised parties in various inner city clubs such as Pop-Art Café,
Le Tigre and BrindZinc. He was then invited to play at Circle’z, his first large gig at ‘Chateau’ in the East of France,
alongside six other established DJs. Then The Adrenaline Crew began organising various parties such as
the ‘Big Boat Party’ which was a big success and the team began to gain recognition for their work in this area.
The crew were given the opportunity to host free parties in conjunction with paid-for events in organising pre-parties before the main events.
This venture continued to grow and it was this that brought Carbone to play twice for Paris-based label Black Label Recordings
along with Storm, Ed Rush, Souljah, Terry T and others.

It was at this point that Carbone started to play in Reims again at ‘Brind’Zinc’ for the annual drum and bass club night as
well as at ‘Arakiss’ in Grenoble in the South of France with DopeAmmo, Oxygen Records, Noisebuilder, Earsut and X-Ray Production.
Carbone joined X-Ray production in 2004 and became a resident at Audiologix parties at ‘Batofar’ from 2005-2006 and
has since played with Rascal & Klone, Dope Ammo, Tarik ‘n’ Djamel, Earsut, Nem, Pitch’in, Mac Manus, Square, Heliostat,
Goloom, Mc Taiwan, Mc Olivia as well as mixing for the exclusive X-Ray compilation: Metropologix with DJ Magid which
has been available in reputable record shops since the beginning of 2006 and which featured some of his first productions
with Future Prophecies, Psidream and Dope Ammo. Carbone spent time in the studio and album-mixed from 2007-2010.
His other engagements include:

– Batofar for ‘Alice o pays de la Jungle’ (8 October 2006)
– The infamous after-party with Francky Brown & Maureen
– ‘Here I Come’ as a special guest in the UK (9 November 2006) with TKO of Infrared/Breakbeat Kaos Records, DJs DL & Subtrak from Frequency FM in Leeds
– Détour (Lille) with DarksideProject, DJs Reacter & David Keta and Mac Manus for a special back-to-back all night (16 December 2006)
– Pointe Lafayette in Paris (13 February 2009)
– Zorba, Paris (6 and 7 January 2010)
– Batofar – Paris with DJs Mds-Sleemo-RedAnt-Square (6 February 2010)
– Aquarius – st.Pourçain.sur.sioule (mid-April 2010)
– Folie Pigalle, Paris (9 July 2010)
– Yachtclub – Dunkerque (16 July 2010)
– Le Delirium – Caudry’Cambrai (14 August 2010)
– Le Jas _ snow bar club in France _ 7/8 feb 2014
– Pigallion, Paris (end 2014)
– Rough Tempo Show (on august 2016) ; special coming from France
– Appart Cafe, Reims _ France _ march 2017
– Ernest Hemingway, Reims, France _ sept 2017
– Emporium _ Rouen, France _ dec 2017
– Resident RADIO BOUTON _ 90,6 Fm _ since sept 2018
– plus, several gigs since, in REIMS on BASSHOUSE + HARDTECHNO …..

To name a Few Music Slots shared with amazing artists ….

Carbone has been making waves over the last couple of years with a number of signed tracks on the following labels:

Harder Louder Recs
Hktk Recs
Gruvstation _ Usa
Radio Bouton _ 90.6 Fm, France
Rebirth Society Recs
Drumatic Recs
The Combined Force Recs
Nothing But Recs
Hard B!tch Recs
Blazing Haze Audio Recs
Techno Therapy Recs
Deep Down & Dirty Recs
Subwoofer Recs
Dark Monkey Recs
Dirt Lies & Audio Black Recs
Rancid Recs
Bluebeck Recs
Red Alfa Recs
Strawberry Zonks Recs
Break Loose Recs
3000Bass Recs
Demon Recs
Allowance Recs
Hard Dragon Recs
Zteren Recs
Lw Recs
Matter Recs

Expect released across the following genres from this diverse producer:


Hard Techno

Drum & Bass

+ a bit More … :-])

Love * * * * *

Mickael, Carbone”

Listen to CARBONE on SoundCloud:

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