Artist Name: Boria

Artist Bio

A singer/songwriter and guitarist born in Barcelona. Boria makes a blending dark indie-folk with synths and pedal effects right through his acoustic guitar painting melancholy portraits of life, death, and love.

After several demos seeking his own voice he released “No man’s land” in June of 2021, the first single of his upcoming album “Any place but now” edited by Great Canyon Records ( Joana Serrat, Carla, Wide Valley ) in autumn of 2021.

Tell us who you are:

My name is Lluis Boria. A blending dark indie folk. “Boria music is a desperate call for redemption, the quest to a getaway through the darkness of the mind, in a word: healthiness.” Great Canyon Records.

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Song Title: Black box

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Contact Artist: lluisb.gomez@gmail.com

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