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Recording Artist: Boni Faas

“Boniface Patrick, better known by his stage name Boni Faas, Born ( September 28, 1995 ) by a Christian family in Carrefour (Haiti) is a Haitian singer songwriter whose melodic voice and skilled propelled him to be known. he began his songwriting career in the year (2018) and release his first single Emosyon in the year (2020) he was recognized after having participated in a television singing competition call “Telcell Breakthrough” in 2015 broadcast on channel 8 Tv Carib, Also in 2019 Boni Faas had a massive live Concert, Perform his first single “Emosyon” along with popular celebrities such as KANIS Blondedy Ferdinand that drive him more to fame and popularity.

He was raised in a very strong family which has been appreciative and encouraging of his talent from the start.”

Listen to Boni Faas on SoundCloud:

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