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Artist Name: Black Mata

Artist Bio

Black Mata is a rock band that seeks to show its own vision of rock by creating the Patagonian power rock style.

Tell us who you are:

Black Mata is an Argentinean Patagonian power rock band from El Calafate, Santa Cruz province. It was formed in 2019 and is made up of the musicians Zelmar Echeverría (voice, guitar and arrangements), Carlos Alfredo Ariza (drums and backing vocals), Nicolás Pegorin (bass and backing vocals) and Ricardo Osvaldo Palumbo (keyboards and backing vocals).

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In his compositions not only stands out the poetic search in his writings, but also a Patagonian power rock musical style, where British rock is fused with rhythms belonging to hard rock, garage rock, grunge and alternative rock among others.

Song Title: The Noise

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Contact Artist: blackmatacalafate@gmail.com

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