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Benny Coy has been raising numbers on Spotify with a song called Military Force which managed to reach +28K Streams on Spotify because he was consistent in playlist submission. Now that Benny Coy just released Dark Or Blue on 08/10/2021 in 2 weeks the song reached +16K streams on Spotify and he now want to take over on Apple Music by submitting on Playlists of Apple Music and stay consistent on his marketing skills which will also help your Playlist gain more followers, likes and streams because there will be recognition of the song called DARK OR BLUE by Benny Coy. Please help me as an artist to Raise the numbers on apple music as I'll be the upcoming SA artist and i still have a movement called 1675 which will also submit their music on this playlists with great quality of sound and the mix & mastering is proper, once you accept my song, you won't be disappointed.

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Nkululeko Ndlovu which is a 18 year old rapper is professionally known by his stage name Benny Coy and he just released a new single called DARK OR BLUE, which managed to reach +16K streams on spotify and Benny Coy is an independent artist from Johannesburg, South Africa and he does hip hop in the music genre.

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Song Title: Dark or Blue

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