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Artist Name: Baby 77 Da Voice

Tell us something about you that fans should know:

“ I would say I definitely have a different way of making music than most other artist. My goals is to have a lot of complex lyrics but also have my tracks have lyrics people can learn after only a few listens. I like highly catchy hooks in my songs with showing just enough skill to rap and enough smarts to put together real and raw sounding track that fans can remember and that I can remember so I can be prepared to rap or perform with my max energy and quality.

Where are you from and what’s the music scene like there?

Baby 77 ( Da Voice) a Songwriter, Poducer and Rapper From New Haven Connecticut, There A Decent Amount Of Rappers Out Here
But Baby 77 ( Da Voice) Is One Of The Youngest Most Versatile Artist In The Area. With A Spike In SoundCloud Engagement In The Summer Of 2021 With His First Song “Hotter Than You“ and Boomin Success On His Highly Versatile and Most Played Song
“MAC” He Has Reach An Enormous Boost In His Fanbase Gaining And Upward Of Over 1500 Followers In 6 Months

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Song Title: Fire And Fire

Let’s have a listen to the new Baby 77 Da Voice track:

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