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Axtronomical is a new Music Producer and Beatmaker from Slovakia. Axtro focuses mainly on Hip-Hop, Trap, and Alternative style of music, but you never know what you'll come across in his music. At the beginning of 2020, Axtro focused mainly on the production of Beats and Instrumental Songs, but from the end of the year, he began to focus more and more on collaboration with artists who can take his music to a new level. It was during this period that he released his most successful project Cash Love. Of course, Cash Love was also successful because another talented artist, ReMark, was featured on this track. This song was a project that showed him which way to go. As early as the beginning of 2021, Axtro decided to take a short break from releasing Beats to focus on his new big project. The time has just come! On December 3rd, Axtro released his first official solo album titled Welcome To My Abyss. Every single song is the result of hard work over the last year. Axtro improved so much in what he did that he was now ready to share a piece of himself, in the best possible quality and in the most beautiful way. This album is something that really shows a part of him that he hasn't had a chance to show yet. He worked on himself, he worked on how he makes music and how he wants to present it. This album is something you haven't seen from him yet, and he's pretty confident that his previous music and this album are almost incomparable. It's all true stories, emotions, and feelings.

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My name is Axtro. I am a music producer making music for 4 years now. I try to tell real stories with the best people I know.

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Song Title: Pat Mahomes(feat. ThatKidFrom94)

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