Artist Profile: Reiko Moss

by | Nov 27, 2020 | New Artist Interviews

Recording Artist: Reiko Moss

What inspired your new song?
I’ve had a lot of my own family and friends turn their backs on me and tell me that it wasn’t possible to make a living from music or make my dreams come true. I then sat down and created the beat then the chorus came into my head and I turned this into a motivational song of no matter what you go through in life, just keep on working and kill everyone with success.

Describe your writing process?
I always start by producing a beat and especially one that gives me goosebumps and that’s how I know it’s meant for me. I then take about an hour to write starting with my verses then the chorus then I like adding bridges to my song. After writing, I record my vocals for each part and do several takes until it sounds great to me. I then take a few days to engineer my music.

Do you have a video?
I’m not sure yet.

How do you stand out as an artist?
I combine my talents of singing and rapping in most of my songs. I also create music that is about love or motivational to people but in a dope way that will make you think about things differently while bobbing your head. I love having hard beats that knock mixed with meaningful lyrics and bars.

Who are you listening to right now?
Russ, Kevin Gates, Ace Hood and Nipsey Hussle

Who are some of your influences?
My personal influence is my wife because she never gave up on me when everyone else did. Kevin Gates, Russ and Nipsey Hussle have always been influences to me based on how they carry themselves, ownership of their music and their business minds.

What gets you up in the morning? 
I love spending time with my wife and our 3 year old dog. I am also a very spiritual person so I love meditating, sungazing, working out and going for drives just to be out and about while thinking.

What’s next for you?
I am currently working on a few EPs, looking to move to Arizona from Colorado in the next year and taking my career to the next level.

How can fans reach you?
IG: @reiko.moss
YouTube: Reiko Moss
Napster: @ReikoMoss

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