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by | Nov 27, 2020 | New Artist Interviews

Recording Artist: Zion Allen

What inspired your new song?
I made this song as a letter to my ex, she was a genuine person with a beautiful soul but I guess I wasn’t good enough for her. So I just sat down and wrote what was on my mind.

Describe your writing process?

Do you have a video?
I most likely will make a video in the future just haven’t been thinking about it recently.

How do you stand out as an artist?
I like to try and mess with the mixing process a little differently for every song and stand out that way.

Who are you listening to right now?
I honestly like to listen to other underground artists as well as myself

Who are some of your influences?
xxxTentacion is one of my favorite influencers

What gets you up in the morning? 
Well I like to give myself a lot of confidence and I always make sure everyone is doing well and just put a smile on their face.

What’s next for you?
As far as I know, imma keep on working hard and just keep on spreading good vibes and positivity

How can fans reach you?
I’m always active on the gram and my dms are always open so fill free to hmu if you ever need someone to talk to. Insta:

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