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I started singing when I could first make any noise at age 2, by 8 I was asking my parents to write down lyrics for me as I sang them to her. I put my first song out at 17 and it got on a Spotify curated playlist and had 200,000 streams in a week! That same year I toured as the opener with the band Chicago, which was a gift and I am so thankful for them to let me do that! Since then I have been putting music out and playing tons of shows, when covid happened I realized that if I don't do this for the rest of my life I'll go absolutely insane. So I started working as hard as I can traveling constantly, writing and recording everyday, and my mind is overflowing with new ideas and I couldn't be more excited about where I am headed!

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Hello! my name is annie omalley, I am a singer songwriter and music is my whole world. Writing is the one thing that has always been there for me and has always been my way of processing. I had a single come out recently that I absolutely love and new next couple that are coming I love even more! I can't wait for more people to hear them and my hope is that is resonates with them and provides relief in anyway possible!

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I have a website with information, videos about my music and day to day life, and my music is on all platforms!

Song Title: chasing clouds

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