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Artist Name: AngelBoy Anxious

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I purposely stopped looking up to anyone as an artist so that I don't copy flows, delivery, or lyrics. I personally think my sound is something new, refreshing, and unique that has potential to blow up! Ive done shows with Shoreline Mafia, chief keef, kreyshawn, teefli and many different festivals reassuring me that I belong here. These are my peers not idols.

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hello, my name is Jake Johnson and I go by AngelBoy Anxious. My passions are mental health awareness and music! I myself suffer from a few mental illnesses as well physical brain trauma from being curb stomped. I can't do much in society or to contribute to society so I started really focusing on bettering my skills and the things I can do or succeed at. Those things being mental health awareness and music. I now own Mental Health Hip Hop, which I plan on turning into a non profit organization that helps those in need to get the correct help they need to get back on their feet. I use music to vent, to process things with a better understanding and hopefully help others feel less alone through their own struggles.

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