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Artist Name: Alfonso Teran

Artist Bio

Im very passionate in what I do, I had the chance to play with a Country Music band for about 5 years touring the whole country. I learned the way to play country music and now that what I do, I like to add a banjo, mandolin and other folk instruments to my latin music.

Tell us who you are:

Im a independent music artist from Mexico. Ive been in the music industry since 2015. I have been all over radios in Latin America (Venezuela, Colombia, Chile and Mexico). My videos in YouTube channel goes more than 3 millions views.

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Anywhere from Google, YouTube, and all music platforms.
Here is my Instagram Verified Account: http://www.instagram.com/soyalfonsoteran and Official Website: www.alfonsoteran.net

Song Title: Cambiaste Todo

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Contact Artist: info@alfonsoteran.net

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