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Artist Name: AKumaRareKami Wraith

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I'm a solo autistic artist in the underground community from Sacramento, California, I happened to be known best for my alternative sound, which transcends genres of trap, rock, metal, punk etc., which also appears to contain heavy, hard-hitting 808 distorted bass guitars with incorporated harsh, loud, raw, aggressive, intense, raspy guttural sound, hulk-enraged death growls and brutal, dark, gruesome, masochistic lyrics. I am an Alaska based artist who considers himself to be a raging demonic beast ascending with a pure virtuous saint of heavy red energy. I'm most likely different from others, but I've always had a passion and interest for music and its variety of genres, so later throughout, I'd start experimenting more with different sounds. I am inspired and influenced by many artists in the underground, such as XXXTENTACION, ZillaKami, Scarlxrd, Thuy Trang (actress), Cameron Azi, $ubjectz, Slutty Sonny, Juice WRLD, Nirvana etc. I started writing music around late 2017 and then I would eventually start recording and uploading music to SoundCloud around late 2018 and been making music since. Later on, I taught himself how to scream heavy metal vocals around late 2020. I currently do not have a fanbase, so I remain unknown at this point.

I am worth supporting because I bring pure virtuous fire, pure darkness, pure anger and rage to the scene, and I believe that it's not the energy, but it's the energetic compassion that's more uplifting about it.

Tell us who you are:

My name is AKumaRareKami Wraith! What's unique about my music is that it brings out a lot of energy, aggression and distortion, so I believe that I have the potential to express that feeling of emotion! Why people will listen to my music is because it's energetic, aggressive, raw, loud and I believe that's what's the unique about it, it shows a lot of accuracy!

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Song Title: Killswitch (Kill)

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Contact Artist: thewraithnga10@gmail.com

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