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AdamMaca was born on 27th November 1984. He grew up and spent his entire life in a small town in the Lubusz province.

He was interested in music since his childhood days, as early as at the age of 14 he wrote his first songs using a toy music editor. He would record his music on CDs using a consumer grade CD burner, print the covers, and then local DJs would play his music at local dance clubs to entertain the crowds.

Sadly, Adam’s career never took off, as he fell victim to a crime and then he became seriously ill.

In 2014, AdamMaca decided to go back to creating music, but he’s not hoping for success. He sees it more as a hobby than a career choice. After purchasing original software and studio equipment (studio monitors) he made his first pieces since the days of his youth.

AdamMaca composes very professional Trance & Electro House type of music. The best music performers in the world would not be ashamed of his tracks. His main musical genre is Progressive Trance. With other genres he’s not actually quite as good.

In 2019, Adam signed a contract with the Polish Distributor "Independent Digital". Said distributor launches the greatest music publishers and music by Polish artists.

In December, the first singles were issued as digital distribution. These included "Mix The Master" & "Club Trumpet." In April 2020, the album "Drop The Bass Bombs" premiered.

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My name is Adam, I compose professional trance music, I am inspired by the music of the best artist in the world

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Song Title: Alone in The Dark

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