Artist Name: 33gwaupo

Artist Bio

My music is mostly for people that feel trapped by depression, anger and systematic struggles. i also make music for people to get hyped up and party i like to have balance with the two vibes im not an sad artist or aggressive artist im just in the middle where i love it at. i also have an ep coming this month called " time and dedication" this ep is a mixture of the hype and melo vibe i love to contribute

Tell us who you are:

21 year old, African american upcoming hip hop artist from New Haven, CT. Been making music for 2 years i started music to help touch other youth in my area going through the same pain and struggles i experienced. im also collaborated with unitedmasters reached over 700k streams my first year.

Discover this artist:

You can see more about me in my instagram @33gwaupo or just look up my former artist name e blixky on ur google i been in a couple interviews and media articles thank u for ur time

Song Title: truth b told

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Contact Artist: eddiebthegreat16@gmail.com

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