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2win Dunx A.K.A. (Warren Duncan & Spencer Duncan)
Warren Duncan also known as stage name “Wub D" and or "Warby" was born in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, July 10 1989. Born as the twin brother Spencer Duncan also known as stage name “S Munney" and or "Spenny”, together make up the duo named “2win Dunx” (pronounced Twin Dunx). Warren & Spencer have always been very passionate about two things that are helping those in need, and creating music. Warren & Spencer during attending St Mark’s elementary school had joined the children’s choir when they were 6 years old. They had continued until about 13, then stepping into creating their own R&B, Pop, Hip-hop, and Reggae tunes. During High school years 2win Dunx had come out with their very first mixtape called the “Brides Groom”. During this time Spencer had grown an interest into auto mechanics, which he began to study to become a mechanic. After graduation In 2007, Warren & Spencer would go on to perform at venues such as Boston Manor, Canada Wonderland, Club 77, The Rochester Club, Niagara Falls Bank Lounge, and even Canada’s Got Talent (Air Canada Centre).
Continuing their ambition for music in the year of 2010, 2win Dunx decided to go to Sheridan College for Performing Arts. There they would study acting, vocal & tech music lessons, and dance & movement. While during this time they had been cast in a Cinderella Story as “Swagger Prince’s” in a children live play rapping about kitchen cleanliness, at the Royal Winter Agricultural Fair in Toronto. Warren & Spencer would also perform at the school local pub nights, entering a contest of 50 acts and ending up 3rd place. In October 2011 2win Dunx would go on to perform on Canada's Got Talent. 2013 2win Dunx Dropped their second mixtape titled D.D.B. (Dem Duncan Boyz).
In 2014 Warrens’ passion grew from after performing multiple times for children. Warren decided to venture on to St. Lawrence College to study Child & Youth Care Practitioner. Having packed up moving away from his twin, Warren headed to Brockville Ontario Canada. During these years he started his own successful music program, where the children would create lyrics reflecting on their lives. Having a platform for children to voice their thoughts creatively, Warren began to also teach dance to go along with these lyrics. During this time Warren studied hard doing placements in such settings as elementary schools, high schools, colleges, and addiction centres. Warren then joined the student union as Vice President of Student Life, later becoming the 2016 College Valedictorian.
After Graduation Warren reunited with Spencer and they moved into their own home in Hamilton Ontario Canada. Spencer had then become an inside sales executive, and also a producer having begun producing 2win Dunx beats and recording. Having landed a profession in 2017 as a “Supervisor of Children & Family Services”, Warren had gone to work with one of Hamilton’s largest non-profit organizations “Wesley Urban Ministries”. Here he was a dedicated and compassionate Supervisor who has brought his passion for dance and music to the school age children and youth he supports. Here successfully with some help from his twin brother Spencer, Warren had been able to facilitate a dance for “Case for Kids” a cause to end child poverty. While being here Warren had created a children’s musical play raising awareness to Anti-Bullying. 2019 marked 2win Dunx even brighter beginnings as they hit their biggest stage yet "Nathan Phillips Square" in Toronto.
In 2020 during the challenging time of the pandemic, 2win Dunx released their first studio album "Back Roads" that has been available across all major streaming platforms, Enjoying the success they followed up with their second album Roads in 2021. These past few years have been quite a ride for the dynamic duo who plan to never give up on their dream

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We are twin brothers that go by the name 2win Dunx. We are unique as our music is different and relatable. We have been creating music for over 13 years and continue to go strong. We have performed at multiple venues even capturing a few awards as best group!

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