24kGoldn an Emerging Talent in the Streaming Music Industry

by | Sep 12, 2020 | Artists to Watch

24kGoldn Rising to Stardom With ‘Mood’
24kGoldn is showing to be a breakout talent within the music industry. The artist, born Golden Landis Von Jones, jumps from 10 to number on the Emerging Artists chart over at Billboard. This puts him at the top for the first time in his career. Furthermore, the boost is given by the new SoundCloud single “Mood” featuring iann dior. Most noteworthy, the song flies up the Hot 100 charts from 84 to 26. Additionally, the streams are up 107% which works out to be 15.1 million U.S. streams. Especially relevant, radio is buzzing up 265% with 2.2 million audience impressions. It should be noted that the song is selling at 140% clip better than the previous week with 4,000 copies. These numbers are tracked and reported by Nielsen Music. However, this isn’t 24kGoldn’s first single. “Mood” is his second career entry into the Hot 100. Previously, his song “Valentino” made an entry in November of 2019 at number 92.
For those interested, the Emerging Artists chart ranks new artists each week based on popularity. It uses the same formula that the popular artist Billboard Artist 100 uses. This tracks and counts activity across many charts. Most noteworthy, the Emerging Artist chart omits artists that have previously notched a top 25 entry on the Hot 100, Billboard 200, or have had more than 2 songs in any of the “Hot” song genre charts. This is a great chart to pay attention to if you are seeking emergent talent.

As for 24kGoldn, you can’t expect him to stay an emerging talent much longer. It seems he is solidifying his presence within the industry as the song “Mood” is now number 1 on the Hot Rock & Alternative Songs chart. Additionally, the song “City of Angels” reached number 7 on the same chart back in June of this year.
Keep an eye on this young talent to see how he continues to chart comparatively to other artists. Will he become a household name? Time will tell.
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